Vermont, Craft Beer and Fine Website Design

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by Brendan Sands in Site Launch

Vermont, the land of breathtaking landscapes, vibrant autumn foliage, and of course, exceptional craft beer. The Vermont Brewers Association (VBA) was founded in 1995 to promote and strengthen the culture of craft brewing in Vermont through marketing, education and advocacy for Vermont made beer.

Time for a New Website Design

After 7 years, it was time for the Vermont Brewers Association to unveil a redesigned website, crafted with expertise by the talented team at Digital Artisans. Remember 2017? Websites were a different beast back then, more structured and less adaptable. The VBA team, recognizing the need for a more dynamic and engaging online presence, again partnered with Digital Artisans to create a website that reflects the ever-evolving craft beer scene.

Digital Artisanโ€™s Flexible WordPress Framework

Gone are the days of restrictive layouts and limited user experiences. In their place stands a flexible framework built by Digital Artisans, designed specifically to empower the VBA team. This framework offers a plethora of engaging layouts that can be easily implemented, allowing the team to craft customized pages without breaking the bank on development time.

But the magic doesn’t stop there. This new website prioritizes accessibility and ease of use, ensuring a smooth experience for everyone. Whether you’re a seasoned beer aficionado or simply curious about what Vermont’s breweries have to offer, navigating the site is a breeze.

Most importantly, the new website empowers the Vermont Brewers Association team. The VBA team can now easily enter content, freeing up valuable resources for more strategic tasks. This efficient and user-friendly system keeps the website fresh and engaging, showcasing the latest news, events, and of course, the incredible beers that Vermont has to offer.

Working on this site has been amazing, it is so so so much better thank you for listening to us and granting our wishes ๐Ÿ™‚

Emma Arian, Executive Director - Vermont Brewers Association

Another Happy Customer

The VBA team’s enthusiasm speaks volumes. Their comment โ€“ “Working on this site has been amazing, it is so so so much better thank you for listening to us and granting our wishes ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy to leave a review if you have a place for them!” โ€“ perfectly captures the joy and satisfaction of collaborating on a project that truly delivers.

So, raise a glass to the Vermont Brewers Association and their impressive new website! This dynamic platform celebrates the spirit of craft brewing, offering an accessible and engaging experience for beer lovers everywhere. With its user-friendly features and flexible framework, the future of online brewing in Vermont looks brighter than ever! Stop by the store for a hat, t-shirt or travel mug or browse the latest gathering for festivals.