Groton Community School

Non-profit / Education

Digital Artisans created a friendly but functional site that conveys Groton Community School’s “sense of belonging” to current and prospective parents. The team at the school knew early childhood education, but lacked an internal web-savvy resource. Digital Artisans moved them from a hard-to-manage site to a simpler user interface and helped them pare down and streamline outdated content with improved calls to action, photography and web-optimized content to boost SEO and readability.

Groton Community School's Website

EYP / STEM Impact

B2B / Education Architecture

EYP wanted users to be able to quickly find data and answers rather than reading lengthy complex reports about campus building usage. Now data visualization and segmentation turns raw data into powerful storytelling in a responsive, interactive site that has become an important sales tool for their consulting services.

EYP / STEM Impact's Website

Lahey Health Philanthropy

Non-profit / Health

Growing hospital network Lahey Health needed to refresh its outdated philanthropy website and bring its printed donor list online. The new site focuses attention on the value of donor contributions and allows users to search for and filter donor information in a simplified and responsive site. Meanwhile Lahey has an easier-to-manage WordPress user interface used for multiple hospital sites that balances individual hospital needs and system branding.

Lahey Health Philanthropy's Website