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Dense PDF reports transformed into rich interactive storytelling

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Information Trapped In a Tower

EYP Architecture & Engineering specializes in innovative planning and building use, including for college STEM buildings. They create or reallocate space based on how students and faculty actually need and use the space, taking into consideration everything from lab hours to natural light.

But EYP found that they and their clients weren’t using the resulting reports validating their findings to the greatest advantage. Digital Artisans worked with EYP to come up with a better way to convey and use the information.

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Data Visualization to The Rescue

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The result was a interactive microsite where instead of a 40 or 50 page PDF, information has leapt to a storytelling format.

DA Partnered with Beehive Media and EYP to mine the data in the reports to find important data and brainstormed ways to present it. The quick focus on data visualization meant the user experience developed for the site revolved around usable data.

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Story telling in action

  • “Chapters” focus on key topics such as top research lab Improvements, improvements in informal learning spaces or changes in student use of buildings.
  • DA created infographics, animations, graphs, videos, pull quotes and other rich content to visualize the data, statistics and small nuggets of information.
  • Users can follow a dynamic story on how building renovation and design can transform a campus.

The Happy Ending

  • Users can follow the story “chapters” from one to another, switch around using the menu, or see supporting information as needed.
  • Alternatively, they can interact directly with the data itself for an individual university or all of them, limit by student or faculty reactions, or even drill down to single questions.
  • Rather than only a few break points, the site is fully responsive, even as graphics, quotes and other elements slide in and out as users interact with them.

EYP users needed to quickly find data and answers rather than reading lengthy complex reports about campus building usage. Now data visualization has turned raw data into powerful storytelling in a responsive, interactive site that has become an important sales tool for EYP’s consulting services.

EYP, The Happy Ending