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Teaching What You Know

The team at the Groton Community Schools knows early childhood education, but without in-house web savvy resources found their digital marketing more of a challenge. Enter Digital Artisans.

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The school team knew they wanted an authentic website that was useful to the parents, prospective parents and staff, but didn’t know how to get there. They also found their current Drupal site hard to manage, meaning it was full of outdated content.

Conveying a sense of belonging

Following a user-centered design process, Digital Artisans help GCS vocalize what they need in a site for functionality, and how it could really reflect their values.

  • Rather than use a typical “child” color palette, we gave them colors indicative of their educational mission but that still convey the school’s sense of warmth and community.
  • The site features strong calls to action, with all their own photography, not stock photos.
  • The design, color palette and content merge to create a unified, usable site with:
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Making content shine

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Digital Artisans also helped them clear out the old dated and stagnant content and create new content designed for web readability.

Because the staff was struggling with maintaining the former site, we switched them to WordPress, giving them a much friendlier interface on the back end along with their fully responsive new look on the front end.

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Groton Community School

Now the site

  • Expresses key ideas and enhances the user experience
  • Features attractive visuals
  • Chunks content to improve readability
  • Improves search engine performance (SEO)

The resulting friendly but functional site conveys Groton Community School’s “sense of belonging” to its current and prospective parents.